Today is May 22nd, 12 days left to go!

After a few incredibly successful navigation sessions...I led us ten minutes off-track while attempting to meet Eric Mortensen for some grub. Fortunately, we found an amazing piece of lettering with an even more amazing story...

Our group had a 180° head-turn effect going on as we walked past the signage of a humble church. The gentlemen in the USPS suite was confused as to why we were talking so enthusiastically about the church. As we explained that we were trolling the city for specimens just like the one upon the church...his voice softened and he began to tell us the history of the church. Apparently this gentlemen is the pastor of the church and has been for quite some time. His father had built the church over 40 years ago and the man who hand lettered the original signage was no longer alive. Our level of enthusiasm toward the sign caused the man to tear up a little and as we were parting ways he said "because of your compliments today, I'm going to have the sign restored!" As we moved further toward our destination — we looked back only to find the pastor starring longingly at his legacy with pride.

If this were the only thing we accomplished while on this trip...I would consider it a wild success. Here's to you Mr. USPS-Pastor Man.

For seven days, a handful of Lost Type's designers will live under one roof with a common goal; to source inspiration for type and lettering from the city of New York. We'll also be visiting with the local talent and journaling our adventures on this blog. Check back for live updates!
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