Today is May 22nd, 12 days left to go!
After two days with this great group of talented people I can't say anything else other than that I love it here. The vibe is just great. At around 4pm everyone starts opening beers and draw beautiful lettering. Sadly I'm not too great at lettering but I'm pretty good on the beer part. Here are a couple more photos of this awesome fieldtrip.
This tee was designed to commemorate the 2013 Lost Type field trip to my East Coast home-away-from-home. Pick one up for yourself in the Lost Type store.
Once I’d gotten past being solicited by several taxi drivers at JFK, directing a cab to a non-existent intersection in Brooklyn, getting surprisingly tipsy, and crashing at a respectable 9:30pm yesterday, getting in sync with Eastern time turned out to be not too hard. And boy, am I glad of it. The first day wandering the streets of Brooklyn was a good one, with plenty of type inspiration littering billboards and shop fronts on every block. We grabbed a burger, drank a beer, got a little lost, and ended up back at the loft – a superbly decorated and surprisingly spacious place, perfect for a bunch of type nerds to spend a week. I could get used to this. SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC
After a six hour flight and a bumpy cab ride, I arrive at the Lost Type apartment. I call up Dan Gneiding and he tells me he's coming down to meet me. I wait there a few minutes, and this is where I go "Oh shit, is this the right place, are there two Lexington Aves?" I don't see anyone show up, but then I hear my name echoing through the street. It just so happens I am at the wrong side of the apartment. I walk up to the other side and there are eight dudes (with beers!) who are giving me a warm welcome greeting. I am stoked for the week to come. Here are a couple photos of the awesome apartment we're staying in...
For seven days, a handful of Lost Type's designers will live under one roof with a common goal; to source inspiration for type and lettering from the city of New York. We'll also be visiting with the local talent and journaling our adventures on this blog. Check back for live updates!
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